• Pam DiMaio

I have noticed that most ppl in this world are about as happy as they have made up their minds to b

Updated: Jul 15, 2018

I feel stressed. I wanted to eat a comforting bagel with cream cheese this morning. I then thought, this is going to make me feel like crap, Ill have a balanced meal instead. Then I got home and I wanted to lie down and sulk. What good would that do me? I wouldn't feel any better. So I went for a long walk outside with the dog for some fresh air and exercise. I could have stopped at the grill cheese stand on my way home. But no, I had a healthy meal at home packed with veggies, protein and healthy carbs. 

When you are stressed you can easily turn your day around. We all experience stress on the regular. Some days more then others. And your reaction is no-ones fault but your own. You control your thoughts, your actions and your mood. Am I still stressed? Yes. But would I feel better if I sulked or indulged in bad foods? No! And trust me I wanted to. 

Cortisol (known as the stress hormone) is realased into your body when you are stressed. Stress eating unfortunately soothes you, so its a natural reaction one may have to being stressed. In order to help yourself out of this habit, you've got to tackle the stress and stress chemicals overall. Give yourself a leg up where you actually have access to your highest thinking. Once you can build up a rhythm and be successful in this soothing, you will naturally tend toward that thing. For example your body will, instead of saying “I want to have a drink and eat ice cream” will instead say “I need to go for a run.” This is what comes from creating chemical balance.

What increases your feel good chemicals? Exercise Foods rich in Omega 3’s Fruits & veggies, in particular bananas

What decreases your feel good chemicals?

Un natural processed foods Caffeine Alcohol High sugar

Do your best to stay balanced. Choose long lasting success and not immediate satisfaction. Don't let your stress get in the way of your goals. 


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