Pamela DiMaio

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner | LifeCoach |Personal Trainer | Co-Owner

As a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, I focus on your body's innate intelligence. It knows more than you think! Together, we find tools that will lead you towards your goals through finding nutritional deficiencies, and understanding the basics of nutrition. We focus on a properly prepared, whole food diet and lifestyle changes to support lasting wellness.

If you find yourself struggling with:

-digestion issues

-hormonal imbalances



-autoimmune issues

-mineral + vitamin deficiencies

-poor sleep

-poor nutrient absorption

-adrenal fatigue

-thyroid issues

-and more

then we may be the right fit for each other. I am your guide to understanding your body and finding what works for YOU. There is no one size diet that fits all. You are unique.

As an FNTP I am also certified in functional evaluations and lingual-neuro testing. This practice gives me insight on where your body needs me to focus and what supplements can help you thrive. This is what sets me apart from other nutritionist. It is a hands on approach to nutrition and further helps me understand your bio-individual needs. I look forward to working with you. 
Pam DiMiao CPT, FNTP

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